A Living Place Named Community

Potongan dari sebuah ceramah yang aku buat transkripnya. Tentu dengan sedikit perbaikan sehingga tulisan ini bisa kuberi judul “A Living  Placed Named Community“.
A community is a place where everybody’s welcome and diversity is appreciated. 
The facts that we are different is a good thing because that is the richness of community.

People in community travel together.

When somebody makes some mistakes,  what community does is nurture.
When we trip in fall, there are other who can pick us up and take us along.  They say, “When you make mistakes, let me help you…” and they bring us back, and they support us until we back to the right path.

Community help people understand themselves better by open conversation. 

We are welcomed to ask questions without being afraid of criticism. We can ask question and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions and to get clarification. We are able to ask whatever we want to ask, without being afraid of being judge.

In a community, people  cooperates with each other in good things and taqwa. 

We have the urge to want to not only understand our selves, but also understand our neighbors.  We can do that even disagree with certain thing with other people. A community trains us to become a better man. It makes us  develop better relationship
Wah, masih parah kalimatnya, ya. Entah mengapa, aku ingin menjadikannya sebuah puisi 😀  Semoga bisa lain waktu.
Apakah kalimat-kalimat di atas ada benarnya? Bagiku, semua yang dipaparkan adalah pengetahuan dan sekaligus peringatan dalam rangka hidup bersama manusia lain.

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