Poetry of The Week: A Praise At The Near End

There are people
whose happiness
becomes my dream,
my wish, my aspiration.

Not many,
just one, and two, and three
but, they are enough to make me go forth,
and keep me to live a good life.

They are not extraordinary.
But, with they ordinariness,
they teach me what love is,
and how to love.

They give me lesson, what human is,
and how to be human in wise and beautiful manner.
They accept me as human
who make mistake, repeatedly, in my attempt to be good.

They allow me to feel
for happiness and sadness, for contentment and regret.
They don’t leave me for the trouble I make
for the sorrow I cause.

They don’t turn their back.
They don’t make themselves out of my reach.
They are there for me, even though with angry face, or with teary eyes.
They do say, “I care for you,” or “I am not okay without you.”

What kind of kindness does God put in the heart of people with love?
What kind of bond does God bind between people with love?
This must be the power for uniting or reuniting people;
for improving and empowering people.

They are there to hear my sorry and thanks.
They are there to receive my gift and prayings.
They are there to be my dearest.
They are there for love.

I come to praise God for the happiness that is not easily impaired.
I praise God for this warm feeling, blooming like sun in my everyday morning.
I praise God for this peace, serenity, and blissfulness.
You are The Most Compassionate, The Beneficent, The Gracious.






Another day,
the sky shades gray, and the night spreads sway.
Like the other day,
I fail to comply with what these dreams try to imply.

Going to the milky-way, my boat is drifting away.
So beautiful melody, so dear lullaby,
the fireflies along the river are singing good bye.
Now, may I close these eyes, pray, and then fly?

Time and life, evolving like two man and woman dancing,
are started with uniting, ended by separating.
They are dark and light that we are ceaselessly trying
to comprehend its terminable fate we are condemning.

Where goes the sound of music and the eyes that were watching;
the scene of aliveness we kept desiring?
Where goes the hilarious stage for struggling and betting;
the everyone, you, and me after the playing?

Behind the curtain; reminiscing the first step, the first sight, the first breath;
the first time as human above the earth,
as another seed of new entity,
an existance with absolute purity.

These time and life that we take as fair normalcy
turn to be a story, holding laugh and cry, enemy and ally,
fantasy and reality, truth and falsity,
and other namable dichotomy: you and me.

Semarang, May 3th, 2014



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