Poetry of The Week: The Art of Contentment

We are going to a far away place,
not to come back, but to begin.
We may end up to be someone different,
but never we forget how things start.

Our decision is not to be looked back,
but the way we all regret will tell something someday.
The way we feel broken, rotten, and forgotten,
will teach the crystal of being alive and forward.

We think…
There is something better we have discarded.
There is something valued we have overlooked.
There is something great we have belittled.
There is something treasured we have despised.

We hold this intensifying feeling of sorrow,
but a life is to be tested and then judged.
Is this a real life or just a masquerade?
Is this a masquarade or just a puppet drama?

Or, is this a puppet drama or just a real life?
Who knows…

*The Art of Contentment

My Own Mind, May 7, 2014




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