Poetry of the Week: Through Universe Delivery Service

Is it okay if I ask how are you?
Still alive, healthy and happy?
How are things you are going through?
Your plan, your aim, your dream?

Is it okay if I do wonder?
Does life treat you well?
Nothing bad like hell?
Have enough laugh and love?

Can you enjoy this morning?
Spend some times to smile to the dawn?
See the sky, the sun, and birds chirping?
Do you hear it then?

Through universe delivery service

I say ‘have a nice day’
I say ‘may God loves you so much’
I say ‘be safe and take care’
I say ‘may God never forget you’ and such

Through universe delivery service

‘When will I be your ally in this life?’
‘When will come a day I can stop feeling sorry?’
‘When will you stop regretting me?’
‘When can you call my name without grief?’

Since you never know how I am trying…
May I shed tears again?
They are sparkling like drops of rain tonight
Under the sky without stars I am gazing at

Yogyakarta, 29 April 2015


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