Song of the Week: KOKIA’s “Ai ~ Wazuka ni Omoide” no Lyric :D

It has been a long time since I don’t really enjoy music. I lost my guitar (it is finally broken!), and my activities overwhelmed me. Recently I met a great singer KOKIA in Youtube and I am in love with her songs. One that touched my heart so much is “Ai ~ Wazuka ni Omoide”. I don’t find its lyric in Google, so I tried so hard to listen, to catch every word of it, write it, and translate it into English. My bad, my language in English and Japanese is bad.

I plan to buy a new guitar and find its chords. 😀 Next time I will revise this post.


Ai ~ Wazuka ni Omoide

Yakusoku no haken no hi wa
oshiete kureru shiawaseru

Shizuka ni houshiete kimi wo sagasou
shikara ni kako de mo kimi wo omou

Negau to chiisai hitotsu no kokoro
kanaete hajite mo anata to itai


Love ~ A Mere Memories

In the day of sending promise
we tell it to each other

Gently assuring… I will find you
Certainly like in the past too… I believe you

With a small heart I pray
it is even ashamed to grant, together with you I feel pain

Taiga 1