Poetry of The Week: In Chaos, We are

Well confine yourself, shut your ears, and close your eyes
Evils are spreading through ambiguity and ambivalence
They ignite the anger and urge to blame and revenge
They burn you, oh you are the sea of desire

Well protect yourself, zip your mouth, and stop your hands
God doesn’t take sides on either you or them
As you love only the people you love
Your justice is tainted

The martyr is the hypocrite, the hypocrite is the martyr
The winner is the loser, the loser is the winner
The hero is the villain, the villain is the hero
There is no glory for the glorious

Fragmented pictures narrate reality, the reality is crumbling dreams
There’s nothing in the hands, emptiness reigns in the head
People live as the died, every corps come back alive
The new sun rises, promises the longed past

Given the escape from labyrinth, but lost in universe
Rewarded to break free, but cursed to repeat history
Survived to be human, but coffined as a parable
Born with honor, but stripped of the dignity

In chaos, we are

Yogyakarta, 16 November 2015




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