Poetry of The Week: The Old Wise Man Said to Me

Oh you, young
no wisdom for youngs
life that’ll ripen you hasn’t come

your voice is still beautiful and strong
but noising lesson that speaks through silence
your speech is still so fluent and sharp
but muting what is true that rises from silence

Oh you, young
lets live across ages and centuries
how this world is lively wretched by like-you creatures

the search of answer
did make you questioning endlessly
the quest for truth
did make you bearing curses and sacrifices

Oh you, so young
wisdom is of admirers of nightfall and stars
tinged with regrets and nostalgia of the bygones


Yogyakarta, 26 April 2016


Wise Old Man


“… how every human creation can have devastating uses. The dilema comes when a man knows that his creation will be destructive, yet he still pursues his dream of creating it, not because he wants it to kill, but because he wants it to be real.”*

For me, a dilemma comes too when a man knows that his thoughts will trigger dispute and hatred, yet he still reveals it, not because he wants it to induce conflicts, but because he wants it to bring out new understanding.

I had a bad day yesterday. I ended up contending with some friends. I was misread and misunderstood; I didn’t want to be read and understood that way. What I learn now is that people live within their own world, whether in  a vast universe or in a small cage. People also live with a heart and what I want is to have an open heart like sky and ocean in which many things have place.

Of course, I made a mistake, so now I make a confession. The old me advised the young me. It is not good to contend thoughts with people whose basis is different. They look for different thing, they see things differently. Living your world alone is better than clashing two irreconcilable worlds and trying to gain ally through it. If you have to enter their world, do it in disguise to preserve peace and harmony. If they create a mess in your world, leave them be.

It is not good to hurt other’s heart too. They are friend, not stranger or enemy. They share a world with you even though that was in your past. You and them may frequently ignore each other, but in rare occasions where you all can meet, don’t ignite fire. Social life is maintained through correcting, caring, and ignoring. Show your caring when they need, and give correction only if they ask. Ignore their non-lethal mistakes, their stupidity, their triviality, and their futility which are all you dislike. Shouldn’t try to correct them. Correct your self first. Even though later they will be doomed with problems because of their fault, that is out of your responsibility. Be a good friend is a half of wise, beautiful, and happy life.

I know your loneliness and difficulties, I know your hunger and struggle to live. Be your self without rejecting and disdaining other’s self. Your very existence is partly defined by others.

You know your stupidity, so as you wish, tonight will be beautifully decorate with millions stars. 

Stupidity is property of young one. So don’t be sad… Everybody is stupid and making mistake, and world is still spinning is still the fact! Your life is still so long, so be grateful for every day you are still able to learn something from life. You are not like me whose fate is near. My wisdom comes not from contemplating life and living anymore, but from death and dying.


*a comment from Kaze Tachinu music video in Youtube


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